You Might Be Their Last Chance

Every day we come across hurting people who need to know about the unconditional love of God. They need to know that he cares about everything they are going through and that He has a plan to bless them. He wants to turn their desperate situations into a testimony of His love and grace in their lives. He wants to deliver them and set them free from every hurt and disappointment.

It is our prayer that we will slow down enough in our busy activities to share the love of God with them. We pray that we will not miss an opportunity to minister. We are the church and we must take His message of unconditional love and Grace outside the 4 walls to a hurting world.

If we will just be His love extended to our world we will be amazed at what He will do through us. We will be amazed at the unconditional divine flow of love that will minister to others. Make yourself available to Him today. Ask God to use you to be His blessing to everyone around you. This is His heart and he will love through you.

You might be their last chance!