We shared a song Sunday Morning, “Jesus Name is Highly Lifted Up” Many times in life we have used the powerful Name of Jesus to save us and protect us. There is power in the Name of Jesus! That Name is all we need to say to bring deliverance in our hour of need. Thank God He has given us that Name to call on. We can come boldly before the throne of grace to obtain help in our hour of need.

There is another song that says there is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain. By that Name we can walk out of every bondage we are in. We can walk in freedom and deliverance. The power of the enemy can be broken over everything that binds us.

We can share many testimonies of how that the Name of Jesus protected us from the harm of the enemy. Many times all we had time to say was “Jesus” in the middle of an emergency but that was all we needed to say. That Name is more powerful that anyone can even imagine. satan desires to kill still and destroy in our loves but Jesus came that we might have life more abundantly. We chose to walk in His abundance. satan has no power over our lives. Our lives belong to Jesus and we have chosen to walk in the fullness of all that He has planned for us.

Say Jesus! Say Jesus! Say Jesus! There is power in that Name!!!